How to register as a counsellor or therapist and use the website

Step 1

register on our therapist directory

list your skills and specialisms, areas of interest, qualifications, professional memberships, ways of working (face to face, online, phone) location and fees

Step 2

receive communications from potential clients via secure messaging system

discuss anything you both need to know prior to working together such as availability and time slots

*Please note: Communications are monitored by website manager and trained therapist for professional safeguarding

Step 3

once agreed

  The client can give consent to the release of their contact details to the therapist so you can contact them directly via email and arrange their therapy
FREE until Sept 2022!
(from Sept £14.95 per client - payable by card)

Register now below

The form will take you approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. You may wish to gather the following information prior to starting:

Profile photograph, Clinic addresses, Qualifications, Professional memberships

You can save and continue at a later time if necessary (we will email you a link to continue).